Water Wise


Playing in water is a great past time enjoyed by many. 

But water is one of the hazards that tragically affects children the most.  Distressingly, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for children worldwide, with children under 4 years of age, accounting for an alarming 80 percent of all home drownings.

Water related tragedies happen in an instant and most can be attributed to a momentary lapse in supervision. How often, in the heartbreaking aftermath, has one heard “but I only looked away for a few seconds”.  It can literally be that quick for a child to fall victim to a water related accident.

Water related deaths and injury can occur in any body of water from the ocean to swimming pools to even bathtubs. Infants or toddlers can drown in less than one inch of water. Because of this, other seemingly harmless water in buckets and even toilets become hazards that require due diligence.

Another common and absolutely preventable accident around water occurs when, often in the midst of excitement, people dive into water that is too shallow or has submerged unseen obstacles. Many people, including children, fall victim to terrible and life changing head and neck injuries as a result of jumping into water where they have misjudged the depth or haven’t seen the dangers just beneath the surface in rivers or rock pools.

Also children love to run and when excited it is even harder for them to slow down. Children love playing with water but it is important they slow down around wet and slippery surfaces such as tiled areas around swimming pools and in bathrooms to avoid injury.

Where there is water, the risks can be reduced.


• Playing in and around the water is fun but there are dangers too.

• Always make sure someone can see you in the water.

• Never ever dive into water you do not know.


• What are the fun things about playing the water?

• What are the dangers around playing the water?


“Watch your friends

use your eyes,

look out for each other

and stay WATER WISE!”



This hazard topic is so important, the home activity revolves around you as the parent/caregiver.

Please do a home safety audit.

If you have standing water of any type that could be accessible to your children or children who might visit your home, consider how you have make these off limits to inquisitive little eyes. If it is not possible, then think about an action plan for when children are around. How will you keep these areas inaccessible?


Print these posters as part of a set.

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