Healthy Me


Technology has allowed us to make significant advances in raising the standard of living across the the world. In the last generation we have managed to halve the number of people living in poverty across the world.

But the rising of globally dominant mega food brands, intent only on boosting sales in the the pursuit of greater profit and shareholder returns, has resulted in sugar and processed fats creeping into many supposedly “natural” food products. Cheap flavoured calories with little nutritional value are on tap everywhere. In most cities around the world you don’t even need to leave your car, you just need to be able to press the button to roll down your window and place your order.

The brutal truth too is that the corridors of brightly packaged processed foods in your local supermarket promise a lot but do very little to promote a healthy lifestyle.

We are bombarded all day and everyday with sophisticated marketing ploys to get us to buy more food and therefore eat more.  Children are targeted just as heavily as adults and the resulting childhood overweight/obesity statistical trends across the world simply cannot be denied.

Our life expectancy is supposed to be rising – but is it?

A report published in the New York Times entitled ‘Children’s Life Expectancy Being Cut Short by Obesity’, questions whether our children will live as long as their parents because, as detailed in a New England Journal of Medicine study, the prevalence and severity of obesity is so great, especially in children, that the associated diseases and complications — Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, cancer — are likely to strike people at younger and younger ages.’

Wow… that is pretty sobering.

Ultimately, a diet free of binge eating and made up of balanced regular meals comprising mainly of natural unprocessed foods in sensible proportions, and combined with daily exercise and regular, sufficient, high quality sleep is the worst kept secret to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We owe it to the next generation to help them early on adopt healthy relationships with food, exercise and other lifestyle choices and to empower them to make better choices – for their sake.


• Healthy eating helps us grow up to be healthy adults.

• Drinking water instead of fizzy drinks is far better for us.

• We are built to move and regular exercise helps our bodies stay healthy.

• Getting enough regular sleep is important for out health.


• Name some healthy foods?

• What are unhealthy foods?

• What is the best thing to drink if you are thirsty?


“I take good care of me,

being healthy gives me energy!”



This topic’ home activity is just that – it’s active.

Choose something you like doing together.. a walk a run,, a swim perhaps..


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